The Cinderella Easter egg that I dyed! 

The Easter egg I made last year; ours weren’t nearly as cool this time :P

» Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream was magical and amazing :)

The Princess and the Frog bit was adorable (I love love love Lottie, she’s great!), I don’t particularly like Cinderella so that wasn’t too enjoyable for me (sorry guys :/), but Tangled was OH MY GOSH AMAZING! The tricks with her “hair” were fantastic, the lanterns were amazing (my all time favorite Disney scene ever), and it was fast paced and perfection. I loved the ending when all the Princesses came out, Aurora’s dress was beautiful with the gold and silver colors, and I saw Belle and she’s my favorite so I was happy :)

» 20 minutes until I leave for Disney on Ice!

I got my Peter Pan hair bow, my Little Mermaid sweater, and my custom Disney charm bracelet that I bought all the pieces for wayyy back when I was little! 


Can I please have this #Cinderella dress as my wedding dress! #disney #d23 #archives


LOVE these!

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Costume Detail: Cinderella on Flickr.


A Study In Princess Dresses : Cinderella


Cinderella before & after her transformation.

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Alfred Angelo Disney Princess Veils [x]


Gorgeous, Handmade Disney Princess Dresses For Adults @ Etsy


Cinderella-Soundsational on Flickr.