» I get to see the Beauty and the Beast Broadway play today!

I’m sooo excited, Belle is my absolute favorite ^.^

I think I like Belle’s new park dress because it reminds me so much of the one on the left and that is literally my favorite dress of hers.

Photo on the left: abelle2

Photo on the right: I think it’s from this tumblr user, I clicked back on the source on the picture and that’s what I got, please do correct me if the source is wrong so I can fix it but this is what I got for now -http://goingdownthebayou.tumblr.com/post/42239086297

» Officially loving my iPod, I’m using Belle and Rapunzel pictures from PetiteTiaras as the background and lock screen ^.^


LOVE these!


Magical Ribbons - Belle minis


Halloween Season 2012 - Disneyland Paris -0123 by Snyers Bert on Flickr.


Alfred Angelo Disney Princess Veils [x]

So in my clay class we have an assignment to make a 4x4” box and I knew I wanted to do a Disney box but I wasn’t sure what I wanted on it, so I came up with the brilliant idea to make a Belle box! The bottom is shaped like the bottom of her dress and it has the little loopy things around the sides like on her dress with the pearls at each corner of the box. Also the top has like this rounded square handle with little round pearl things I put around where the handle attaches and there is a huge rose in the middle of the top of the lid and two smaller roses. I cannot wait until it’s Bisque ware and I can paint it and then put it back in the kiln ^.^ I’m so excited!!


Gorgeous, Handmade Disney Princess Dresses For Adults @ Etsy


“Beauty and the Beat”


The Disney princesses give you their hair secrets.