I'm not sure if you know, but is there any female character I could be (not in the giant suits) with having tattoos across my chest?

Now this is all based on what I’m able to see just by looking at costumes, I’ve never worked for Disney (though I would like too) and I think no matter what you should still audition!

Now depending on how high the tattoo comes up on your chest, for the princesses there is Snow white, Merida, Little Town Belle, and Mulan (I’m giving you a mix because I’m not sure what you look like so, options!) Also I know right now they are looking for Anna from frozen to appear in the parks so if she is in the less princess-y dress (the one with the little pink cape) she’s definitely more covered up. Now for non-princesses there is always Alice, Wendy, and Vidia also all have costumes that come higher up. I can’t think of characters that don’t always make an appearance at the moment but I do know of Jane Porter. You could also be friends with one of the villains (it’s always fun to be a little crazier and get more interaction with people!) Lady Tremaine, possibly Anastasia and Drizella, the Evil Queen, and Cruella! And for a last possibility, they could also hire you as a seasonal cast member and if it lands in the winter months, that means winter wear which means more princess options! 

And if any of these options still have a tad bit of tattoo showing they have tattoo makeup that will cover it all up! 

I wish you the best of luck in auditions if you decide to go for it :)

  • Also, if anyone else knows of any other characters I’m missing, feel free to jump in and message either me or trebleclef1992!

One of the pictures from my trip this weekend :)

» I get to skip 5th and 6th period to drive down to Disneyland! 24 hour day tomorrow ;)

So excited!


Message me if you’re going too :)

Going through old family photos and my sister found this one :) it’s my grandma in 1956 one year after its opening. I think she was visiting from Germany but I’m not quite sure…

Pick a PrincessJasmine


Magical Ribbons - Monorail



So my friend, Nicole (your-daily-dose-of-disney), pointed out how awesome the Disneyland parade coordinator’s sweater is. Couldn’t help snapping a photo!


A Christmas Fantasy - Gepetto by ciltancil on Flickr.


Costume Detail: Cinderella on Flickr.


Happy Halloween 2010! by CodyWDWfan on Flickr.