» Best Day Ever!!

So I’m in FCCLA at my school, and my teacher decided that she would take her top 7 students on a trip for the work we’ve done, so me, 2 of my best friends, and 4 other girls went down to Roseville for the whole school day and it was so much fun!

First we went to Starbuck’s, and we all pretty much bonded over coffee. And I guess you can say I pulled a prank? on one of my friends, and it was amazing. She hates coffee so my other friend asked if she wanted a sip of hers and she was like ew no. So I asked if she wanted some of mine, and she’s like wait isn’t yours the same? (It was but I told her it wasn’t), so she took a huge sip and then started to freak out. I guess she won’t be getting over coffee any time soon.

So after that we decided we had time to kill so we all went to the mall and it was so great there was no one there. I went to Hollister and bought this shirt I have been dying over for the past week or so. The first time I saw it, it was $50 so I didn’t get it, but when I went back today it was only $35, so I was like wellll I cannot resist!

So after hanging out at the mall for 2 hours we went to a little ceramics gallery and it was so cool. They had the craziest sculptures it was unbelievable. 

 (I’m in the middle and yes, my friend did Instagram it haha)

So after that we headed back to my school and we were going to stop at Target since it’s like 5 minutes away from my school but our teacher figured we didn’t have enough time. We got back to my school with about 30 minutes before the final bell and we didn’t have to go back to class so we just hung out in her room until the final bell.

Pretty great day!

And I got back my CAHSEE results and I got a 450/450 on the English, and a 4.0 on the essay which is pretty much the best you can get so I am sooo happy. 

Best Day Ever.

Also the 7 of us bonded so it was pretty great.