» 20 minutes until I leave for Disney on Ice!

I got my Peter Pan hair bow, my Little Mermaid sweater, and my custom Disney charm bracelet that I bought all the pieces for wayyy back when I was little! 

» Disney Princess Minimalist Unofficial Merchandise.


These come in prints, canvases, I-phone cases, I-pod & I-phone skins. Art by Ofalexandra. Purchase them here.

» Not to be a pain, but check out my etsy! Ya know you wanna ;)


» Hey everybody, want to mosey on down to my etsy?

I’m trying to earn money so I can go to Disneyland with one of my best friends Emily. Here is what I have so far (everything is also reasonable):  

Here is the link!: http://www.etsy.com/shop/urfriendnika?ref=pr_shop_more

From the Animation academy. Taken with iPhone.

» Message me if you’re going to Disneyland between the 28th-30th!

Tomorrow I will be wearing a purple buttoned sweater, white tank, jeans, and grey vans. The next day I’m going to wear jeans, grey vans, and a navy Little Mermaid sweatshirt. Friday will be the same except for my green Alice in Wonderland sweatshirt. Keep a look out for me and you can message me your location throughout the day if you ever want to meet! I will also be doing ElecTRONica one of the nights :) Have a great New Year everyone!

» My Little Mermaid sweatshirt I’m wearing today!

» My Ariel pumpkin! Don’t you just love Halloween?

» I got the Little Mermaid sweatshirt from Forever21!!

So I went to the mall today and my life is now complete. I got the sweatshirt, my false glittery eyelashes for my Minnie Mouse costume, a new lip gloss and spray from Bath and Body Works, an eyeliner and perfume from Hot Topic, and some things from Charlotte Russe. Also, my huge order of Bath and Body Works came today!!