» It’s my birthday!!!!

I’m now the same age as Rapunzel which is fitting because the lanterns is my all time favorite scene ^.^


The Cinderella Easter egg that I dyed! 

The Easter egg I made last year; ours weren’t nearly as cool this time :P

» I JUST BOUGHT MY PROM DRESS! I’m turning it into a Rapunzel Disney Bound because it reminds me so much of her and it’s the exact dress I want and it’s perfect :)

The prom this year is even fairytale themed :O


» I get to see the Beauty and the Beast Broadway play today!

I’m sooo excited, Belle is my absolute favorite ^.^


Magical Ribbons - Mulan

This is the greatest thing ever!

Does my theme suit my blog? Or should I change it to something more princess-y?

Also I’m not sure if I like this kind of them with the sidebar pictures, and then blank color every where else, or blank sidebar color with a printed background…


Cinderella-Soundsational on Flickr.

So I know Merida is a princess, but is she joining the official princess line up as the 11th princess? And is it official already or is it to be announced? 


“Beauty and the Beat”